Used industrial Diesel Engines

used industrial diesel engines

A diesel engine can be defined as a compression ignition engine. The diesel engine contains fuel that ignites when exposed to the pressure of a compressed gas containing oxygen and high temperature. This process is referred to as the diesel cycle, named after Rudolf diesel.

Types of Diesel Engines

There are two types of used industrial diesel engines, namely;

1. Two-stroke cycle.

2. Four-stroke cycle.

used industrial diesel engines

Best Diesel Engines

There are several diesel engines, but not all fall in the best category. Below are some of the top five diesel engines, either new or used;

1. MTU 16V-4000

MTU 16V-4000 is one of the best diesel engines that proceed their reputation. MTU 16V-4000 has a four-stroke cycle, V-16, and they are leading engines of cruising yachts.

2. Rudolph Diesel’s

It was the first-ever diesel engine to run on biodiesel. It has a two-stroke cycle, single-cylinder.

3. GM 6.6 Duramax

It has an engine type of four-stroke cycle, V-8. Even when used, it still is a powerful engine.

4. International 7.3L Power Stroke

It has approximately two million users, making it an incredible diesel engine that different people can frequently use. It has a four-stroke cycle, V-8.

5. Caterpillar C12 Super Track Racing Engine

The Caterpillar team has won several championships because its diesel engine is robust and durable; this makes it pretty good for anyone looking for a used diesel engine.


Most engines use diesel on an overscale. If you are looking to buy second-hand diesel engines, the ones mentioned above are the best.

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