Used Buses for Money Saving Transport Solution

used buses

As a professional driver, used buses have helped to save me lots of money when transporting clients. At the moment, much of my work involves shuttling residents back and forth between hospitals for appointments and visits. In the current climate, being able to have a spacious, reliable and cost effective means of transport has become more important than ever. The fuel efficiency of a used bus is also really high, which is great for both short and especially longer trips too, which is a great added bonus.

used buses

Large Capacity, Comfort and Accessibility

By choosing to purchase used buses for my fleet, I realised that I could drive a large capacity vehicle where all residents could sit far away from one another to comply with social distancing, whilst still enjoying a comfortable journey. One of the other important criteria for myself when selecting a vehicle was good accessibility, as many residents I transport are elderly or use a wheelchair. A used bus comes with an inbuilt automatic ramp, making it the ideal transport solution for my needs.

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