Metal deburring machine

Metal deburring machine

A burr is the development of rough edges on a piece of metal. It is ordinarily with machining and cutting processes on sheet metal and affects the quality of metal parts. It is due to the wear and tear of smooth parts of machinery. Burrs are a hazard to the safety of operators and cause metal parts not to fit. It could as well cause tools and machinery not to function. Deburring is, therefore, essential. Removal of various burrs is a challenge hence the use of a metal deburring machine.

Metal deburring machine

Various machines for the metal deburring process

Q-FIN provides a wide range of quality finishing machines. F200 specifies finishing small metal parts of between 10 and 200 mm in width. It has two processing stations and a vacuum system. By contrast, F200 XL has three processing stations and an extra brush. Its throughput speed is five times more than similar machines. F600 is ideal for sheet metals of up to 600mm wide and is extremely fast. F1200 is for metal parts of up to 1200mm. The WES machine is suited for oily sheet metal parts and material that sparks during processing. Top grinder is an inexpensive semi-automatic deburring machine. It has an adjustable brush speed and a vacuum system. It has a work surface dimension of 1280x 78mm with no limit to the workpiece size. It is safe and efficient.

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