Increase diversity and inclusion in your company

A lot of companies find it important to reduce gender bias in their working environment. But sometimes someone doesn’t know how to reduce this and increase their diversity in recruitment. In this article I will go into depth about how to improve it.

What does gender bias mean?

In recruitment, gender bias is our judgment on the characteristics required for the position and the perfect candidates with a tendency towards a certain gender. Recruiters may think that typical qualities of civil engineers are: analytical thinking and emotional tenacity. For this reason, recruiters can describe these characteristics as typically male characteristics. But this is the beginning of the gender bias. Recruiters may not be aware of this and focus on male candidates during the recruiting process., while the perfect candidate could be a woman! All of this starts with the recruiting process. So do you want to increase diversity and inclusion? Then change your hiring process!

How to improve?

Not only can you increase diversity and inclusion in the selection process, because gender bias has already started before the selection process. When did gender bias begin? It starts with writing the job description. Recruiters can use male language and male coding. This will deter women, who may not apply for the job. You can think of words like “dominance” and “analysis”. In this case, it will appeal to most men. In a typical men’s industry, diversity and inclusion needs to be further improved as gender biases are more serious and therefore a lot of gender decoding is required in the hiring process. Therefore, step one is to aim for diversity and inclusion in the job description.

Many companies are already investigating, but there is always room for improvement. The company’s goal is usually to get more women into management positions. In short, if you want to improve this, start by improving your hiring process!

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